Wildlife Viewing & Bird Watching

Deer Standing by a Stream

Home to more than 400 species and a variety of habitats; your chance to commune with nature is just a short drive away.

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Wildlife Viewing in Natural Habitats

No matter where you are in the White Mountains, an opportunities to view wildlife in its natural habitat abound. In our region, there are more than 400 species-from common critters such as the black squirrel, to reclusive wolves and shy mountain lions and goats. Some animals and birds make their home year-round in the White Mountains, while for others, our region is a resting place during their seasonal migration.

The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest provides some of the best wildlife viewing in the state, perhaps in the nation! We have nearly three million acres of forests, meadows, mesas, lakes, streams, and brushland, each with its own indigenous species.

Benefits of Wildlife Viewing

Watching wildlife is a learning experience and helps us to appreciate the creatures with which we share resources. Learning about wildlife can begin at any age and everyone can participate, whether it’s just to keep an eye on the bird feeder outside your window, or to sit in a quiet meadow for hours hoping to catch a glimpse of a rare, migratory bird.

Viewing wildlife in their natural habitat leaves the watcher with a positive, unforgettable, and personal experience. It often drives people to be more caring toward wildlife and seek ways to participate in wildlife and habitat conservation and preservation.

With an ever-increasing population, and ever-decreasing natural habitats, fostering concern and action on behalf of the animal kingdom will serve to benefit all who live on this planet-no matter what type of animal you are.

More Information

For more information, visit the Arizona Game and Fish website or the White Mountain Nature Center's Arizona Wildlife page.

Herd of Deer Wandering Across a Pasture

White Mountain Audubon Society

White Mountain Audubon Society

The White Mountain Audubon Society is one of the most active Audubon chapters in Arizona, hosting birders from our community and the world with a wide variety of activities and bird-watching opportunities.

White Mountain Audubon Society Website

White Mountain Wildlife and Nature Center

White Mountain Nature Center

White Mountain Nature Center is your gateway to enjoying and understanding the ecology of the beautiful White Mountains region of Arizona. Established in 2005, we are rapidly gaining momentum in completing our vision. We are actively involved with White Mountains communities and organizations and are building a nature center focused on wildlife, nature education, and wildlife rehabilitation.

White Mountain Nature Center Website

Arizona Watchable Wildlife Tourism Association

Arizona Watchable Wildlife Tourism Association

The Arizona Watchable Wildlife Tourism Associations’s goal is to provide visitors and residents of the great state of Arizona a resource to guide them to new levels of wildlife-viewing enjoyment. Our website is the place to find out where to go and what to watch. It also offers links to state, federal, local, and private organizations that provide additional insight for trips within Arizona.