Gas & Electric Permits

Gas/Electrical Permit Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all Electrical upgrades, natural gas, propane, and butane gas hook-ups:

  • You must obtain a permit for installation and connection of all electrical, fuel gas piping that connects to a building or structure. The fee for this permit is $25 for gas and $30 for electrical. Online permit application for Gas/Electrical Permit Application.
  • After the yard lines and supply lines have been constructed and installed, they must be pressure tested in accordance with the Uniform Plumbing Code, Section 1206 (C), (10 pounds/15 minutes). If anyone other than a licensed contractor conducts the testing, the Building Official must be notified to sign off the permit. If a contractor conducts the testing, they may sign off and date the permit themselves.
  • The Building Official will conduct an inspection and check for use of approved materials, shut-off valves, and venting. If the inspection is favorable, a Green Tag will be issued.
  • The supplier will then check and test all equipment and appliances for safe and proper operation.
  • The supplier will Red Tag any appliances, equipment, piping, or any other conditions found that constitute a fire hazard, or which are otherwise potentially dangerous to human life. All Red Tagged appliances, piping, etc. should be reported by both the supplier and the owner or contractor to the Building Official.
  • The Building Official will conduct a second inspection whenever the supplier issues a Red Tag. Any equipment which is unsafe, or in violation of the Uniform Codes, should be repaired, replaced, or removed. Depending on the problem, the owner or contractor will be given a maximum of 30 days to comply with the applicable codes, or the supplier will be directed by the Building Official to disconnect the service to the property.