Building Permits

You must have a valid building permit before you begin any construction within the Town of Pinetop/Lakeside.

Building Construction Codes

The Town of Pinetop/Lakeside has adopted the 2018 editions of the International Building Codes with the 2017 edition of the National Electrical Code. All projects submitted for permitting must be designed to comply with the codes. 

View the 2018 International Building Codes


Acquire a Building Permit

  • Contact the Building Official for questions, and use Online Building Permit Application .
  • Complete your application. Along with the form itself, this includes:
    • Approval from the Sanitary District, if a sewer hook-up is involved, or a County Health Department permit for a septic tank.
    • Contractor’s statement of license.
    • Two completed sets of plans or one electronic copy (preferred) and specifications for the building, drawn to scale (when the plans are approved, one set will be returned to the applicant). The following must be included in the plans:
      • Electrical, plumbing, and mechanical plans
      • Floor plans
      • Foundation plans
      • Framing details and cross sections
      • Site or plot plan
    • Please note that any new construction (other than a detached, single-family residence) which will exceed $75,000 in cost (as determined by the Building Inspector) requires the seal of a licensed engineer or architect, and must be approved by the appropriate Fire Department (Pinetop or Lakeside/Timber Mesa).
  • Submit your application materials:
    • In person at the Town Offices, or
    • By mail, to the following address:
      Community Development Department
      Town of Pinetop-Lakeside
      325 W White Mountain Boulevard
      Lakeside, AZ 85929
  • Any previously undeveloped sites will be inspected to determine if they need culverts. If culverts are required, the number, size, and placement will be made a condition of the permit.
  • Any project of $50,000 in value (or more) within the State of Arizona has a contractor bonding requirement. Visit our Bond Certificates page for more information; this requirement must be met before any permit can be issued.
  • If your application is approved, pay your building permit fee and pick up your permit at Town Hall. View the Town Fee Schedule (PDF).