• Skunks are mostly seen as a nuisance animal, but they have also been known to carry rabies.  Any humans or pets who are bitten by a skunk should be treated by a doctor or vet as soon as possible.
  • Skunks generally have little fear of humans, probably thanks to their extremely potent, foul-smelling spray, but it's not wise to make one nervous.  Never corner, threaten, or attempt to trap a skunk; if you see one, move slowly and non-threateningly, and attempt to back away.  If it wants to leave, let it!
    • If you suspect a skunk has moved into or under your home or garage, wait until it has gone outside to look for food, and then block whatever opening it's using to get inside.  Take care not to trap the skunk; if one sprays inside or underneath your home, it can permanently damage belongings like carpet, drapes, and bedding.  If that happens, you may want to consider contacting a professional cleaning service.
    • If a skunk has sprayed near your home, you can try to combat the smell by placing several open bowls of white vinegar in each affected room.  Air purifiers, baking soda, and deodorant sprays may also help, although they are usually not enough to get rid of the smell on their own.  Once the smell has dissipated outside, open doors and windows to help ventilate the affected area.
  • Skunk spray isn't usually directly harmful as long as it doesn't get in the eyes, but it can be extremely unpleasant if it gets on you or your pets, and the smell can cause nausea (or even vomiting).  Those with sensitive skin may also notice skin irritation if they are sprayed directly.  Flush any affected areas with copious amounts of water (particularly the eyes), and if necessary, seek medical attention.
  • Unfortunately, tomato juice doesn't actually take away the smell of a skunk's spray.  Repeated washings of humans, pets, and clothing with soap and water will likely be necessary; clothing that was sprayed directly may not be salvageable.  Baking soda and peroxide mixtures may help neutralize the smell, and soap will help remove the oils present in the spray, which are what make it linger so long.

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