• While direct encounters with bears are infrequent in this area, they do happen.  Generally, they happen when a bear is foraging for food, and learns that a human neighborhood is a good place to find it.
    • Avoid leaving garbage where a bear can get to it.  Keep dumpsters or trash cans in an enclosed area whenever possible.
    • Don't let your pets roam loose unattended, and don't leave pet food outdoors.
    • If you see a bear in or near your neighborhood, contact the Arizona Game & Fish Pinetop office at 928-367-4281 to report it immediately.
    • The bears in our area are black bears, not grizzlies; it's much rarer for them to actually attack a human.  If they do, don't attempt to play dead; instead, make yourself look as large as possible, and fight back aggressively and loudly.
    • For more information, see this brochure.

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