• Raccoons are clever and opportunistic, and can be annoying pests unless precautions are taken.
    • It's rare to see them since they're nocturnal, but it's very common to wake up in the morning to a yard covered in garbage and raccoon tracks.  To prevent this, keep trash indoors, or in other areas they can't reach.
    • Don't feed pets outdoors; they will help themselves to your cat or dog's food.
    • Loud noises and bright lights will usually scare them off.
  • Raccoons can also carry several diseases that are dangerous to humans and pets, such as rabies, and both the canine and feline forms of parvo.  Any people or pets that are bitten or scratched by a raccoon should be treated by a doctor or vet as soon as possible.
    • If you suspect a raccoon may be rabid, report it to AZ Game & Fish Pinetop office at 928-367-4281.  Also, note that it is illegal to trap or kill raccoons yourself; if one needs to be removed, contact Game & Fish.
  • For more information, see this page.

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