Keep your heat source in good condition.
  • If you use a furnace, change your filters regularly (how often depends on how much you use it, what type of furnace and filters you use, and whether or not you have pets), and check to see what type of exhaust vent/pipe it uses.  Some types can become blocked by deeper-than-usual snow, and may need to be cleared periodically throughout any severe storms.
  • If you use a fireplace, or a wood or pellet stove, make sure to have your chimney or exhaust vents inspected at least once a year, and cleaned or repaired if necessary.  Try to keep at least a week's worth of firewood or pellets on hand at all times.

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1. Check the weather forecast before you go anywhere, even just a quick run to the grocery store.
2. Be prepared!
3. If the power goes out:
4. Keep your heat source in good condition.