How to Borrow and Renew

Library card members may borrow most library materials for 21 days. All items except for devices and new items can be renewed if no one else is waiting for them. You may borrow various items, including books, magazines, movies, audiobooks, and more. 

You can borrow up to 25 items at a time, subject to the following:

Audiobooks21 days3 renewalslimit 8
-New Audiobooks21 days0 renewalslimit 2
Books21 days3 renewalslimit 25
-New Books14 days0 renewalslimit 2
-New Juvenile Books14 days0 renewalslimit 2
Cake Pans7 days1 renewallimit 2
Devices7 days0 renewalslimit 1
Games7 days1 renewallimit 2
Kids’ Kits21 days3 renewalslimit 8
Magazines7 days1 renewallimit 8
Movies7 days1 renewallimit 8
-New Movies7 days0 renewalslimit 2
Music21 days3 renewalslimit 8
Video Games7 days1 renewallimit 2

You may return items to any Navajo County Library District member library. Please be careful when returning fragile items, such as devices, by returning them directly to library staff.

There are no fees to borrow library materials; however, if you return items past the due date, we will charge you the following extended use fees per item, per day:

  • Devices and equipment: $1.00
  • Interlibrary loans: $0.50
  • “New” books, audiobooks, and movies: $0.25
  • All other materials: $0.10

Note: As of June 2019, we no longer charge overdue fees on children’s or young adult materials.

Sign in to your account to see if you have any fees. All fees can be paid at the library.

How to find items

You can use the library catalog, browse in the library, or ask a staff member for help.

Collection agency

We utilize Unique Management Services (UMS) to recover overdue library materials and fees. Our system will automatically submit unpaid accounts based on the following schedule:

  •  7 days past due: We send the 1st notice for library materials.
  • 14 days past due: We send the 2nd notice for library materials.
  • 21 days past due: We send the 3rd and final notice for library materials.
  • 45 days past due: We send a bill for lost library materials.
  • 60 days past due: We send your account to the collection agency if your account balance is $25 or more. We also add a non-refundable $10.00 service charge to your account, which covers the cost the collection agency charges us per account. Over the next 120 days, the collection agency will make multiple attempts to contact you to request the return of the library materials and the payment of any outstanding charges.

How To Renew

You can renew most items online, by phone or at the library. If another person is waiting to use the item (aka “hold”), you cannot renew it.


Sign in to your account.

By phone

Call us at 928-368-6688.

In person

Stop by with the item or just present your library card. Don’t forget; if you give us your email address, we’ll send you a notification when an item is available to pick-up and also when your checked out items are almost due.