Call for help.
  • Cell phone signals can be unpredictable, particularly in areas with a lot of tall pine trees and high ridges.  Plus, many wilderness areas in the White Mountains have never had cell phone service.  If you're having trouble getting a signal, try this:
    • Turn off any non-essentials, like Bluetooth and WiFi reception, and make sure no apps are running in the background,  That will help preserve your phone's battery for as long as possible.
    • If you're able to, move to the top of the nearest ridge or hill, particularly if it has an area with no trees.  A clear line of sight between you and the nearest cell phone tower will make it much easier for your phone to connect.
    • Even if your cell phone carrier doesn't offer service in this area, you'll still be able to call 911 if your phone can connect to a tower; keep trying periodically.

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1. Don't panic!
2. Be prepared.
3. Call for help.