Façade Grant Program

Façade Grant Program Guidelines

The Town of Pinetop-Lakeside (Town) Façade Grant Program (Program) provides 50/50 matching grants to business and commercial property owners to complete façade improvements on buildings in the Town. This document contains grant amounts, eligibility, evaluation criteria, and other Program guidelines. Please contact Town staff at (928) 368-8696 or jloyd@pinetoplakesideaz.gov with any questions. 


The Program provides 50/50 matching grants. The funds can be used for signage, paint, and restoration. The maximum grant amount is 50% of the grantee’s cost up to $2,500. Grantees may request less than the full amount.

Maximum Grant Amount

% Of Total

Grantee must spend






Business and Property type: The following businesses/properties within the Town municipal limits described below are eligible to participate in the Program:

  • Retail, restaurant, theater, or service* businesses.
  • Commercial properties include retail, restaurant, theater, or service businesses.
  • Other commercial businesses/property types (cultural, office, etc.) are considered on a case-by-case basis.

*Service businesses include, among others: personal and pet care services (barber shops, beauty salons, nail salons, pet grooming, etc.), repair services (auto, furniture, electronics, etc.), laundry and dry-cleaning services, caterers, hotels, and fitness centers.

Improvements: Improvements eligible to be made with Program funds must enhance or restore the physical condition or appearance of the building. Types of eligible improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • Exterior Paint
  • New or refurbishment of existing awnings
  • New signs and/or replacement, retrofit, or restoration of legacy signs
  • Sign removal
  • Constructed outdoor eating areas
  • Window or door replacement
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping
  • Parking lot
  • Replacement or refurbishment of non-structural materials/features such as cornice bands, parapets, and similar architectural features 

Improvements must comply with the following:

  • All Town Code regulations, including the building code, sign regulations, and zoning ordinances.
  • Town Design Review Requirements.

Applicant: A Program application may be submitted by an owner or tenant for an eligible project meeting the requirements described above. The owner must also sign the Program application if the applicant is a tenant. 

Tenants and owners may apply for separate grants for the same building and storefront.

Frequency: Tenants and owners are considered separately in connection with grant applicants.

  • Owners: Owners may be eligible to apply for and receive one façade grant every five years on any individual building.
  • Tenants: Tenants may be eligible to apply for and receive one façade grant every five years on any individual storefront. A new tenant at a particular address may apply for a new façade grant if the ownership of the business has changed. 


-Program applications are available at Town Hall, 325 W. White Mountain Blvd., Lakeside, AZ 85929, or online at pinetoplakesideaz.gov 

-See the Program application for a step-by-step summary of the application process, including a detailed checklist of required materials.

-Before formally applying, an applicant must meet with Community Development staff to discuss the process.


Application deadlines: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Façade Grant Committee Review: Town Staff, including the Community Development Director, Community Service Manager, Finance Director, and Town Manager, will review the application.

In response to the application, they may:



-Approve with conditions. If approved with conditions, the Committee may request that the grantee make specific changes to the proposed improvements. 

Evaluation Criteria: Program applications will be reviewed and evaluated based on the criteria listed below. Proposed improvements that meet the below criteria will be most competitive for grant funding. 

            -Visually improves storefronts and streetscapes

            -Enhances prominent business locations

            -Fill a previously vacant storefront


Notification: Program applicants will be notified via email of the committee’s decision after the committee review is completed. 

Documents: Applicants awarded a Program grant will receive the following documents as a part of the notification process:

Final Scope of Work: A final Scope of Work (SOW) summarizing the approved improvements will be provided. The SOW would reflect those conditions/changes if the application were approved with conditions. The final SOW will be attached to and made a part of the application. 

Project Completion: Grantee must complete the project substantially, conforming with the SOW.

Project Changes: Any changes made to the final SOW after the application is approved and the final SOW delivered must be reviewed and approved in writing by the Commission (for example, changes to a paint or awning color, signs or architectural design, material choices, etc.). Any change to the final SOW not approved in advance and in writing by the Program Committee will not be funded.

Required Forms:

The grantee will be required to sign and deliver hard copies of the following to the Community Development Department at Town Hall within three weeks of the date that the Program award is granted:

            -Acceptance form, which details the terms and conditions associated with the grant

            -W-9 form, which enables the Town to process and provides your grant funding

            -A copy of a valid Town Business License.


Permits: All necessary planning, building, encroachment, and other permits must be secured before construction is initiated. Permits can be obtained from Town Hall or online at www.pinetoplakesideaz.gov/formcenter.

Deadline to complete the work: The program work must be completed within six months of accepting the terms and conditions.

Reimbursement: After the proposed improvements are completed and final permits have been issued (if applicable), the grantee must submit the following to Town Hall to receive reimbursement:

            -Invoice(s) for completed work

            -Proof of payment for all work

            -It is also recommended (but not required) that the grantee obtain signed lien releases, in 

a form compliant with the law.

Conditions to Reimbursement:

-New businesses must be open and final permits must be issued before reimbursement with Program funds.

-Grants are processed in the standard Town accounts payable cycle of net 30 days.

-Grantee must have all Town permits and fee obligations paid before reimbursement with Program funds.

-Final Inspection by Community Development Director and pictures submitted of completed work.


-Contracts for improvements must be between the façade grantee and the contractor.

-The Program is subject to all applicable conflict of interest rules and regulations.

-The Program and the funding of any grants are subject to and conditioned on the approval of the funding by the Town Council for each Fiscal Year.