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White Mountains Trail System

The White Mountain Trail System (WMTS) offers a variety of trail opportunities both scenic beauty and trail skill levels. It is a series of 11 loop trails on the Lakeside Ranger District. Several of the loop trails connect to each other. The system is designed for non-motorized travel: hiking, mountain bike, and equestrian use. The natural terrain and slope of the WMTS may limit use by visitors with physical or visual limitations. Less challenging trails are available in the area. Contact the Lakeside Ranger Station for more information.

Trail Maps:

Main Map
Blue Ridge
Buena Vista
Country Club
Ghost of the Coyote
Ice Cave
Juniper Ridge
Land of the Pioneers
Los Burros
Los Caballos
Timber Mesa
Springs/Country Club
Country Club/Los Burros


Visitors are reminded to use the trail system safely and follow trail etiquette. Mountain bikes should yield to all users, hikers should yield to horses, and horses always have the right-of-way.

Trails are marked with blue diamonds. Yellow dots indicate a short route back to the trailhead. Green dots indicate a connector trail to another WMTS loop. Red dots indicate a vista trail.

The Forest Service is in partnership with the Pinetop-Lakeside TRACKS volunteers. Volunteers have built the majority of the WMTS. If you or your community service is interested in volunteering, contact the Lakeside Ranger District or the Pinetop-Lakeside Parks and Recreation Department. Arizona State Parks Heritage Trail Funds have helped build the White Mountain Trail System.

The WMTS is still in the process of construction. Several additional connector trails are planned. Inquire at the Lakeside Ranger District for trail updates.



The difficulty rating is separated by mode of transportation. The ratings take into account:

  • length of the trail
  • change of elevation
  • type of terrain

    The trails frequently follow old logging roads and may cross roads open to vehicular traffic. If you become confused, backtrack to a known landmark.

    Some of the trails in the lower elevations can be extremely hot during the summer. During the spring and summer rainy seasons, the trails can be muddy. Be sure to carry ample food and water. Be prepared for rapid changes in weather.

    Access to trailheads is on Forest maintained roads. During the winter and summer rainy season, these roads may be impassable or difficult to drive. Contact the Lakeside Ranger District for road conditions (928) 368-5111.

    USGS topographic maps and the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest map may aid in your travels on the Lakeside District. The trails do not appear on the topographic maps or the Forest map. White Mountain Trail System Maps are available at the Parks and Recreation Department, Lakeside Ranger District Office and other community locations.

    Trailheads with limited parking are small cinder pads with little to not turning radius for a trailer. Larger trailheads will accommodate several cars and trailers.




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