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Woodland Lake Park

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Woodland Lake Park Trails Map (PDF)


  1. Bird Watching
  2. Fishing
  3. Hiking, Biking, and Equestrian Trails
  4. Play Area
  5. Softball Fields
  6. Volleyball
  7. Walking Track

Park Features

Located in the heart of Pinetop-Lakeside, Woodland Lake Park is the shining centerpiece of our community. In the developed areas of the park, you’ll find volleyball courts, softball fields, walking paths, and play areas, while the wilder sections are crisscrossed with hiking, biking, and equestrian trails. It’s also home to a number of different fish and bird species, so don’t forget to bring your binoculars and a fishing pole!

Woodland Lake is a great place to go kayaking or boating. There are also public ramadas overlooking the lake, which can be reserved for a family barbecue, or used during your work day for a peaceful lunch break. You may not be alone for long, though – the park is a great place to run into old friends, and maybe even make some new ones.

Reserve a Ramada

Group gatherings are welcome! If you’d like to reserve a ramada for your group or event, we suggest that you first call the Community Services Department at 928-368-6700 to confirm that one will be available, then fill out ramada reservation form.
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